In conversation with Aleeya Hachem

Recently, we sat down with sexologist and fertility counsellor in Melbourne, Aleeya Hachem from Great Sexpectations. Through her work Aleeya aims to normalise the conversation around sex, pleasure, and fertility. In her role as a sexologist, she works mostly with women experiencing sexual pain or low desire/libido.
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Impacted by low libido? Aleeya Hachem, Sexologist in conversation with Jess Milroy, Naturopath

In your clinical practice, what are the most common contributors to low libido?
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Seeing someone is not a personality trait

We’ve all been there. A party, a park walk, even just being at work, when you bump into someone you know and the only question they can formulate after a nice ‘hi, how are you?’, is the old faithful ‘so are you seeing anyone?’.

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Trauma-informed pleasure

Trauma is a hard word. When we talk about sex and trauma we often focus solely on sexual violence, which I get, as unfortunately, sexual violence is still extremely common in Australia.

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