Trying to navigate a culturally diverse relationship?

Our differences are what make us beautifully unique in the world. We all come from different homes, families and communities, yet we end up in very similar spaces.

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A Sexologist’s Guide to Period Sex

Period sex – despite being enjoyed by 55% of Australians – is still a divisive topic. For some, it can bring up feelings of disgust, while others may not be phased by it at all.

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Body image and your pleasure

Our bodies are pretty incredible things, so why do we hate on them so much?

When body image comes up, it's always discussed in the frame of ‘not enough’; not skinny enough, pretty enough, muscly enough, or sexy enough. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others and deciding we’re coming up short!

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An Ionian love affair

Make sure you are in a comfortable location, wherever that may be for you. Give yourself the space to touch yourself in case the inclination arises. Once you’re settled, I’d like you to take a moment to focus on your breath.
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