Lucy is here to make a difference

Lucy Lube promotes a holistic approach to sexual wellness
We care about your experiences in and out of the bedroom


Personal lubricant designed
to empower sexual wellness



A sexual wellness community that
is engaged and connected



Our expert-led blog content that is
informative, engaging, educational


Designed with you in mind

Uncompromising ingredients and material quality.
We use only the best ingredients and materials for the most sensitive part of your body

Aussie Made

Produced and bottled in NSW.
We are proud to be an Australian Made product

Cruelty Free

Contributing to meaningful change, our products are not tested on animals

pH Balanced

Formulated specifically to be pH balanced and maintain a healthy vagina

We are proud to be leading the way as a regulated sexual wellness product.
We pride ourselves on being TGA approved and are accredited as a medical device.



Super impressed with this lube! I am really careful about what products I apply intimately and so the natural ingredients and lack of “nasties” sold it for me. I was looking for something natural, scentless, non-sticky and didn't stain the sheets. Lucy ticked all the boxes and more.

So nice to see a brand promoting sexual wellness. Subscription for the win too!


Classy product that I found to have been excellent in the bedroom, feels just like natural lubricant without the sticky or messiness of more conventional lubes.10/10 highly recommended.


Couldn't decide what I liked more -the fact it is made here in Australia or the aesthetically pleasing bottle. Both are a win. As is the fast and discreet shipping. 


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