Postpartum sex and parenting

Pregnancy is wonderful, terrifying, and often a complicated time for anyone involved. Creating new life is a pretty big deal! But for something born out of sex (some of the time), parenthood is still viewed as a transition to sexless.
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Is this really what is best for you?

Channeling Carrie Bradshaw for a minute, there has been some serious wondering going on. It seems that more often than not, following a first date, we’re left wondering whether or not we’ll engage in the act of a second.
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Experiencing painful sex

As a sexuality educator and sexologist, I see clients daily who experience pain and the compounding effects that the stigma creates.
Words by: Lauren French, MSexol (Curtin) Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine.

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A lowdown on lube

“Grease is the word, it’s the word that you heard, it’s got groove it's got meaning…..”

Or so John Travolta would have us believe! But what is the word on the street when it comes to adding a little lubricant into your love life?

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