An Ionian love affair

An Ionian love affair

Words: Lucy Lube

Make sure you are in a comfortable location, wherever that may be for you. Give yourself the space to touch yourself in case the inclination arises. Once you’re settled, I’d like you to take a moment to focus on your breath. Take several long, slow breaths and tell yourself to relax. As you breathe in and out, feel any tension in your toes and feet, then let it go. Slowly move your focus up your legs, move up your calves and thighs repeating the same inhale, tense and release.

Breathe in again, recognise any sore, tense muscles and as you breathe out, try to let the tension go. It’s OK if your mind is wandering to the future and where this story will take you. It’s OK if you’re already starting to feel a little excited.

Clench your fists, take a deep breath, and relax the whole of your arms, stretching out all the way out to your fingertips. Relax your shoulders, your back and your neck. Take another deep breath and feel the soft bed beneath you. The soft sheets on the back of your legs and buttocks.

Gently flex your whole body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, and then let it go. As you do, you’ll feel a warm flush rising from up increasingly to your breasts and neck. The spreading warmth is enveloping you and it’s time to relax your forehead and let your eyelids close. Let your mind wander and your imagination fill your thoughts.

Keep breathing and connect with my voice, let your breath synchronise with my breath and your heartbeat with my heart.

We’re ready to begin.  

You open your eyes but the room is dark. It's warm and the room feels a little cramped, maybe it's the humidity. You're a little disoriented and all of a sudden with a rush you know where you are and you feel like you must have gone mad or died and gone to heaven because you’ve dreamt of being able to re-experience the love affair you had on a Greek island at the turn of the century and all your senses are telling you that’s where you are now.

You pull back a curtain and can see a pale blue sky and the yellow sun low on the horizon. You turn to move towards the exit and trip a little, stumbling towards the door, you grasp the handle to steady yourself and the door swings open and you think you're going to fall but then I'm there in front of you, catching you in my arms.....and it doesn't matter anymore what reality is or what year it is. You catch your breath and reach out your hand to touch me to check that I'm real....and you know that I am. I give you a funny look, I'm a little confused by you poking me, but I like you touching me and you're already in my arms, so naturally, I poke you back.

I'm staring into your crystal-clear eyes and you think you can see mine twinkling. They're filled with happiness to be there with you and more than a small amount of mischief. Your heart beats a little faster, you're a little out of breath and feel like you might start's not the only place you're getting wet. Lifting you back to your feet I pull you closer and swing you. You feel small in my arms and you take note of my muscles as they bunch and flex lifting you.

A morning breeze blows and amongst sand, salt and pine, all of a sudden, you can smell me. You close your eyes for a moment and when you open them you feel like the Earth is slowing on its axis and your senses are sharper, more vivid than you've ever experienced. Your feet touch the ground and I'm releasing you from my grip. You think about holding on long enough to stretch up and kiss me but all of a sudden, I'm a step away with the sun blazing behind me obscuring your vision.

"Are you coming?"

'Coming where?' you wonder before catching your breath long enough to say, 'Yes' with a smile. You don't really care where and don't have the presence of mind to pack anything. I turn around and pick up a bag, reaching a hand back for you at the same time, which you grasp. My hand is soft and coarse, like a favourite beach towel that's well-worn. You want to skip down the path to release the surge of excitement driving up from your legs leaving an explosion of butterflies in your stomach. You feel dizzy and think you might fall just as you step off the path onto warm sand which forces you to concentrate on your balance to maintain your forward momentum. Your mind suddenly catches up with your body and while steadying yourself you take a moment to take a deep breath and swing your head through a lazy left to right arc and back again. There's no one else moving about and the beach is empty except for a small wooden skiff with an outboard motor.

We walk across the sand holding hands. When we reach the boat I drop the bag into a hold at the front and turn to you before sweeping you off your feet in one smooth motion. Your hands rest on my shoulders as I lift you over the edge of the boat and place you on a bench. In a moment I've leveraged the boat off the sand into the water and have started the engine.

We race towards the rising sun with spray making rainbows all around us and you can't take your eyes off me. Staring into the sun, my wild mop of blonde hair blazes in the turbulence of wind and I'm a dark brown tan that doesn't obscure the subtle movement of my toned muscles as I pilot our skiff into a turquoise and navy sea. You're glad for the noise of the engine because you don't think you could order your thoughts enough to speak, you're staring at the small patch of hair that's grown below my bottom lip wanting to touch it, kiss it, wanting to pull off your skirt and bathers to grind your pelvis against it.

'Where are we going lover?'

"It's meant to be a surprise darling, but you can see it over there. I've rented us a yacht for the weekend. I'm going to sail you around the island."


You've wanted me all to yourself since we met and the idea of a weekend together on a yacht drifting between Greek islands has you more than a little worried that you're about to have a wet spot soak through your bathers onto your skirt.

I kill the engine and we glide to rest next to the yacht. It's bigger than you expected and as you climb aboard you can see into the cabin where there's a single room with a small kitchen and a (bigger than should belong on a yacht of this size) double bed. You don't want to wait any longer and as soon as I'm on board you take my hand, flash me a smile and lead me towards the bed. You lie down and sounding coy and nervous tell me that you want me, noticeably opening your legs. I smile and say, "Soon".

I gently stroke your legs working my way down to your feet and begin to massage them. My touch is firm, and it hurts a little at first, but as I vary my stroke and pressure you feel a rush of warm blood flowing down your legs relaxing them. Then electricity sparkles up and down your legs, it's just a subtle vibration of energy but it starts and ends in your clitoris and you're biting your lip in an effort not to grind your hips against the empty air above them. You feel me release your feet and expect me to move up to your calves but I'm rolling you over and reaching up to take off your bathers. I start to slowly kiss the back of your legs. My lips feel soft and wet to your skin as I savour each time my lips make contact - up your calves and to the inside of your thigh. As I kiss higher up your thighs your legs open wider, encouraging me to come in... I pause a moment. I can feel the building heat in between your legs. You feel vulnerable, lying on your stomach exposed to me, with me reaching up to lift your shirt over your head before releasing your breasts.

My hands are strong but your feeling of vulnerability makes you think about resisting my direction. I run one of my hands from the back of your neck to the base of your spine and taking a hip in each hand I pull you back into a crouching position. You'll be even more exposed and it amplifies your feeling of vulnerability which makes you want to resist, but you feel like you're in a trance that won’t let you. It's a safe, warm space so you move with me and the feeling of being in an eternal moment returns with a wave of serenity.

Lost in imagined thought and overwhelmed with sensation, I gently tug on your hair as I run my fingers through it from front to back, dragging my nails gently down your back. I cup both cheeks of your arse and you feel my tongue graze your behind, you want to flinch but then I'm inside you. It's like an explosion. All you can think about is my warm tongue inside you, pressing….insistent.

The universe fades from your consciousness and you feel a gush of warm wet as you try to flex yourself open for me to push my tongue deeper inside you. Your whole body convulses. I pin my mouth firmly against your clit as your body shudders. Cool hands on your skin leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever I touch you and my warm tongue, driving deep inside you, tasting you, savouring you.

You feel the vibration of energy radiating from your vagina through your thighs and breasts, your back and calves, up and down your spine from your forehead to your buttocks. The vibration intensifies and the energy draws your head up and curls your toes simultaneously. Wave after wave. Your nails dig into the mattress and every muscle in your body starts to tighten and shudder.

Watching your orgasm makes me harder and my heart is racing especially as I know what will follow.

Cool hands on your skin leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever I touch you and my warm tongue, driving deep inside you, tasting you, savouring you. You reach back and touch my head gasping, 'Please, Please'. You have to say it twice to ensure you're audible and not just imagining that you spoke. You want to be sure that I heard you. You're losing balance and need your arm back. As you withdraw it from my head I move into a kneeling position and my cock brushes against your arm, you're suddenly nervous. It touches your wrist and the inside of your elbow at the same time. It feels as big as your forearm and as hard as the wooden ship that surrounds you.

You flick your hair in a nervous expression of self-doubt. You wriggle your hips a little, a voice telling you from deep within your subconscious that you can handle a man that big, that hard. You pivot your legs at your hips to make room for me between your thighs. I'm behind you and you want me deep inside you.

I slide into you slowly. Taking our time we bring ourselves together inch by inch you feel me inside you. I grasp your shoulder in my right hand to steady you and hold you in place. I place my other hand on your left hip as you tilt your hips up allowing me to slip deeper inside you, filling you, like I was purpose-built for your pleasure alone.

You rock your hips up and down taking deep breaths, relaxing whilst trying to grasp me and pull me deeper inside you. I pull back a little and you know I'm about to push inside you to my limit. As I sink back in, you let out a moan and I grip you harder. You think you're going to start screaming in languages you don't know how to speak as I plunge inside you. I've been firm but gentle and your whole body feels like electricity is being splashed across it, like small pools of water being displaced by a raindrop.

You don't know how you do it, but you open yourself wider and I'm even deeper inside you. A mantra starts emitting from you and you enter a meditative trance of pure joy and ecstasy, "Harder. Harder. Harder.'. On and on you chant, your voice growing softer and softer and softer. It doesn't even feel like I'm inside you anymore. I've become a vibration of energy radiating from your vagina through your thighs and breasts, your back and calves, up and down your spine from your forehead to your buttocks. The vibration intensifies and the energy draws your head up and curls your toes simultaneously. Your nails dig into the mattress and every muscle in your body starts to tighten and shudder. A noise reaches your observing mind, it's my breath and you can hear it getting quicker and quicker.

My hands are all over you, on your hips, on your back, on your buttocks. I begin to gasp....and then I'm coming inside you. It's warm, you can feel it filling you but then you've lost control. Your chest and neck flush with blood, you feel pins and needles in your hands, every muscle in your hips feels like it's expanding while your vagina is contracting.

You hook your feet together behind my legs and pull me towards you. The energy I've emitted pulses in waves up through you - rushing up to your heart space and throughout your body. Slowly the pulses begin to subside and with a final quiver your legs shake and you collapse pulling me down on top of you.

We roll to be side-by-side, face-to-face and you can see that I'm spent and that I look like I'll fall asleep any moment, so you start to steal kisses. I'm exhausted and you're insistent. We kiss and I embrace you. Encircling the small of your back, cupping your buttocks and lifting you a little so that we fit together more perfectly, running my hands through your hair and tracing lazy lines along the features of your face and body. It feels like we're one entity. We pause to breathe and opening my eyes, I see you. You know that I see you exactly as you are and you get the sense that you're perfect and you've never felt happiness like this before. I brush an errant strand of hair from your face and you think my eyes will close but just before they do we connect again and as you stare into my eyes ready for sleep to take you, I breathe one word, ........'forever'.


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